Seratis helps with care coordination

Seratis is a care coordination tool that is a secure, patient-centric mobile application which enables doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to communicate with each other via text, images, and videos.

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Healthcare communication should be easy

Seratis is bringing healthcare providers and data-dependent healthcare specialties into the 21st century with a suite of smart communication and workflow management tools. We are building a patient-centric social mobile platform that will allow your doctors inpatient and outpatient to communicate more easily, share lab reports and imaging results, and visualize the network of care providers around you.

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Seratis works on Mobile and Desktop

Seratis’ product team has been hard at work for the past few weeks and we are thrilled to unveil two brand new Seratis products: Seratis Android and Seratis Web Messenger. In addition to our core iOS product, Seratis Android and Web mean that we are now fully cross-platform and support the devices used by 99% of our customers.

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